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Suggested Boundaries and Techniques for Writing About Trauma (This Bridge Called Our Health)


“Dearly Beloved,

If you are reading this article, it’s probably because you’re taking the time to start intentionally processing your trauma. I know the pathway to beginning a healing journey is often met with overwhelming confusion and too many starting points.

Perhaps in your search for a starting place, you found this guide nestled in a list of resources. Or maybe you weren’t looking, but saw this shared by friends online. However this reached you, I’m glad it did.

We have very few step-by-step guides to dealing with life after trauma, and my hope is to share wisdom around processing trauma through writing while also holding healthy boundaries and care techniques. I learned these tools while writing and editing my memoir, Trauma Queen, and working as a Project Advisor for Mirror Memoirs.

Feel free to keep what works for you, and change or discard what doesn’t.”

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