Luna Merbruja

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A Day of Visibility: Luna Merbruja Loves Her Self Love (Autostraddle)

Excerpt of an interview by Mey Rude:

“Luna Merbruja is absolutely one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. She’s pure magic. She’s pure inspiration. She’s pure beauty. I’ve known her on tumblr for a long, long time, and I was blessed to be able to interview her after reading her incredibly powerful memoir, Trauma Queen. She’s written for us before and also writes for Everyday Feminism as well as performing and speaking across the country. Luna’s pretty much unfairly talented.

She’s, in my honest opinion, one of the five most beautiful women in the world (I’ve thought about this a lot) and I want her to achieve and accomplish and get every wonderful thing she hopes for in life. She’s a non-binary powerhouse who fills the world with the joy and wisdom and love that radiates out of her every time she smiles or writes or speaks. She’s one of the reasons I know that magic and brujeria are real because I can see the magic and power that she emanates.

Luna’s able to write about difficult things in a way that makes you feel better about the difficult things you’ve gone through. Her writing is like an arm around your shoulder that makes you feel less alone when you’re feeling low and lonely. When she’s writing about happiness, you can actually feel the joy that she’s put into the words. I know I’ve already said she’s magic, but she really, really is and her writing is proof of that. I love her writing and I love her.”

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