Luna Merbruja

Living liberation

“Dedication to Sylvia Rivera” Mangos With Chili: Blood Story, Bone Memory, Skin Legacy show (2014)

“Dedication to Sylvia Rivera” (teaser)
Luna Merbruja, June 2014
Closed-captioning via YouTube.

“Sylvia, they didn’t show you no love.
No respect.
No honor.

But you were real fucking special.

You didn’t take shit from no one. I learned this while reading Martin Duberman’s Stonewall book on my way to LA for a Transgender Leadership Summit with my trans latina mama. I found out we had both survived physical and sexual childhood trauma. I found out you killed a client when you were 17 when he tried to attack you. I found out we both made community and lost community and fucking were exiled from our own communities that we were the ones to create.

I have here this jar that once contained my grandfather Jesse Dominguez’s ashes. A Xicano revolutionary in the 60’s and 70’s of San José [California]. I have before you rocks and a scarf from another trans Puerto Rican femme who loves you just as much as I do. I have a picture of me as a child before I was ever harmed and a picture of me when I first began to come into myself.

This is for you, Sylvia.

I want to honor you in all of your power and your glory.

[Shouts along with Sylvia Rivera:]

Give me a G!
Give me an A!
Give me a Y!
Give me a P!
Give me an O!
Give me a W!
Give me an E!
Give me an R!
Gay Power!”